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Layers. We have a lot of them! One of the reasons we offer to take X-rays in our office is to help you understand the intelligent adaptation of your spine over the course of your life. This is considered part of the structural assessment.

With each layer, we feel into and integrate in our healing, we may feel the pain or relief of a place that held protection or fear from something we experienced. Trauma in physical, mental and emotional forms creates protective strategies in our physiology.

Without meaning or acknowledgement, these places may feel like stuck, numb or disconnected parts. We all have them and many places inside us that have been through a lot need regular attention.

As we build strategies for connection, places that once held fear or protection are replaced with more trust, and a more receiving type of energy.

Healing care that involves somatic (body) awareness, will help you tap much deeper into where you’re holding tension and therefore you will be more open to the gifts that can be received from going deeper. By being more aware of where you’re feeling connected, you’re taking more ownership of your experience. This builds confidence and in moments when you need to feel your best, your body mind is more prepared to tackle anything.

It is said the deeper the wound the greater the gift. Our soul always brings us to the places we need to go to heal deeper parts of ourselves for the greater wholeness we all desire.

We love helping you find greater trust in your own body so when storms come in life, you’re going to be more prepared and resilient!

If you’re looking to achieve emotional and physical wellness, call our office. We’d love to help you feel your best.