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Meet the Team at
Network Chiropractic Wellness Center


Meet Tania Mustain, CHHC & Wellness Coordinator

Tania is thrilled to join the team at Network Chiropractic Wellness Center and provide holistic healing for the practice’s beautiful souls. Her family’s health issues sparked her passion for holistic health, leading her to earn certification as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Tania is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

She provides holistic based programs to patients with gut & brain issues, helping them to find and utilize the best modalities, and supplements best-suited for each individual’s biological needs. Using her unique skills & training in the areas of brain health, gut health, and how that correlates with your emotions. Tania can help you activate your inner healing abilities to regain homeostasis within your mind and body. Some of the most common concerns are gut and brain-related conditions, such as brain fog, memory loss, leaky gut, IBS, depression, and anxiety. She also has education in pure essential oils and environmental health and wellness, and can also provide stress management tools, and techniques.

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Tania can help patients of all ages, including children, using the following:

  • The Tapping Solution, a mind-body technique
  • BEMER, a medical device that promotes circulation
  • Plant medicines
  • Herbs
  • Essential oils

Tania shares that being a patient at our practice has had many benefits, including reducing her anxiety and helping her body adapt to new behaviors in a peaceful and inviting environment. For a full integrative experience for your nervous system, visit our office today!


Meet Caley Mason, Front Desk Assistant

Caley recently graduated from UCSC with a degree in molecular and cellular developmental biology. Over the course of her studies, she took classes including intro to neuroscience and cancer cell biology that deepened her interest in the body’s processes and how they are all connected. Caley is thinking about going to chiropractic school in the future and becoming a chiropractor.

She loves the outdoors as well as playing and coaching Water Polo to stay active. Caley likes to spend her free time making jewelry and crafting to channel her inner creativity.

Kelsa Hawkins

Meet Kelsa Hawkins, Front Desk Assistant

Kelsa is a passionate and adventurous artist with a drive for learning. She discovered our office through a close friend, seeking support and care after a car accident. She struggled with neck issues for many years prior and after working with Dr. Bjorn, she has enjoyed so much more freedom in her alignment and overall balance. Her experience with Dr. Bjorn has inspired her to help others feel like their best self.

Kelsa enjoys being active in the Spartan Race community and expressing her creativity through photography and design. She loves people and knowing their stories.


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