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NetworkSpinal® Care in Santa Cruz

Dr Bjorn adjusting womanChiropractic care treats the body naturally and holistically. At Network Chiropractic Wellness Center, NetworkSpinal® care is our primary technique. A very gentle, low-force approach to care, it helps release tension in the spine and nervous system, activating the body’s natural healing abilities through a series of gentle and precise adjustments to the spine.

NetworkSpinal is participation-based healing and spinal care where the individual takes more responsibility for their overall lifestyle, behaviors, chemical toxicity, and nutrition. We work together to help people get better faster and learn self-correction and self-regulation strategies to incorporate into their lives. This allows their nervous system to adapt to the excess energy and demand in their lives, so they become less dependent on modalities and doctors.

How It Works for You

In this really stressful time in our world, there’s a lot of uncertainty, and people have higher stress levels and more health issues than ever because our nervous systems aren’t regulated. We’re not taking time to pause, feel, and integrate with our body, causing more fight-or-flight stress. Increased pain and anxiety lead to breakdown, burnout, depression, health issues, chronic pain, etc. Our bodies are trying to take a break; they need to reset!

NetworkSpinal care is participation-based care. When Dr. Bjorn touches the person, he’s guiding them to connect with their breath, awareness, and energy throughout their body. We incorporate breath, focused attention, and specific movements in the adjustments using neuromuscular or neuro-emotional techniques to allow people to feel more unwinding throughout their bodies as the session progresses.

Results You Can Feel

NetworkSpinal helps your body feel what’s real and feel yourself in a way that’s not scary. The reality is many people don’t have peace in their bodies or their nervous system, so they don’t recognize what connection feels like. The only way to get connected again is to experience it—that’s step one.

Even though we make structural adjustments when needed, NetworkSpinal care is the primary focus of our office. Contrasting their experience to the quick pop or a crack of traditional chiropractic, our patients appreciate that our approach is more about using less force when possible and helping the person self-correct with our help.

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