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Network Chiropractic Wellness Center Reviews

What Our Santa Cruz Patients Say

At Network Chiropractic Wellness Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Forever Grateful

Dr. Bjorn has an amazing gift of balance of not only understanding what you need but he has the knack to do it gracefully by getting you results combining both art and science! The whole office is world class and so welcoming! Whether you need to heal or improve your wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Bjorn.. he’s helped me a ton and I’m Forever Grateful to have gotten his support during an important period of my life.

– Soul O.

Immune System Is Functioning

As a professional musician-violist, my body was stuck in a bent position. I was out of alignment, after 50 years of stressed playing on stages and pits without enough room. I came to Dr. B. in severe pain, two years ago. Now, I am pain-free. My immune system is functioning, my body is aligned and my spirits are enhanced. I am grateful for this practice, the gentle treatments, and the wellness community. I am particularly grateful, in these uncertain times, to feel so healthy.

-Eleanor A.

Highly Recommend

Dr. Bjorn helps me on a weekly basis with my spine which gets a workout gardening and backpacking. When I leave the office, I feel more energy and vitality, important to the full life I lead. Vast pain reduction has been achieved during the last 3 + years making physical activity more enjoyable. Highly recommend getting signed up for regular care! Why not?

– Golden L.

Chronic Pain Is Gone

Dr. Bjorn has saved my knees back and my shoulders. When I met him I was in so much pain my shoulders were up around my ears. Chronic pain is gone. Im so thankful. My body and mind have also improved energetically. I suggest Dr. Bjorn to anyone who deals with stress and chronic pain. I consider dr Bjorn the best chiropractor out of the 10 I have tried in the last 30 years. I’ve been seeing Dr Bjorn for at least seven years now. I would hate to have to go without his care and kindness. Thanks Dr Bjorn and staff.

– Rachel C.

Lucky To Have Found Dr. Bjorn

I am a new patient and feel lucky to have found Dr. Bjorn. I felt well taken care of. Clear discussion of expectations and treatment plan. The office is immaculate, these are caring people, and very professional in every way.

– Cybil T.

The Environment To Make It All Possible

5 years ago I had a major disc herniation that put me on my belly for 3 months and required me to relearn how to walk and function like a normal human, yet after 2.5 years I wasn’t doing very well at all. I have spent my entire lifetime as a martial artist and athlete so to have my body seem foreign was deeply disassociating for me physically, mentally and emotionally. After seeing different physical therapists and body movement specialists I was recommended to see Dr. Bostrom by my wise and lovely wife. When I started treatment I didn’t understand what was going on or why we were doing what we were doing but I knew that it helped me feel better. Trusting the fact that my body felt better after treatment kept me coming back. Over the last 3 years of working with Dr. B, I have experienced my own deep reconnection to my body. Dr. B has been with me the entire way to gently and kindly guide me through the process of healing which has helped me to gain confidence in using and pushing my body. I still have room to improve in my healing but I am in such a better place because of my relationship with Dr. B. The entire practice is a beautiful example of a holistic care center that is truly based on the well-being of every person that walks through the door. The staff are wonderful, kind and a pleasure to interact with. Thank you Dr. B for having the vision and desire to be present for your patient’s healing and for creating the environment to make it all possible. It truly is bringing wellness every day!

– Jonathan R.

Significant Results

My work with Bjorn Bostrom has been significant in allowing me to reverse the constraint and pain in my hips and providing overall greater flexibility, body use and lightness of being. As an 82-year-old woman, I could have accepted the inevitability of the aging process, or I could have chosen Network Chiropractic which in fact knows no age limits to well being. I’m glad I chose to work with Bjorn for the flexibility and ease I’ve recovered. Patience and consistency with this work are well rewarded with Bjorn guiding the process. For those indoctrinated with the “no pain, no gain” approach, let me just note that in this work the reverse is true: there is no pain and a great amount of gain. Simply wonderful work.

– Lois


LOVED! the class last night. And I immediately put the information to use. I have insomnia and often when I go to bed, I start with the racing thoughts and get overwhelmed. Last night, I did the spine breathing exercise gently right before bed; then once in bed, I used breathing and the hand healing exercise over my heart to keep myself calm, serene and was able to go to sleep quickly.

– Lois

Greatly Improved

Since seeing Dr. Bjorn, my ability to handle major stressors has greatly improved. My spine adjusts itself on its own terms between appointments and I have been migraine free for two months straight… As an acupuncture student and future healthcare provider, I look to this office as a shining example of service to the community, as well as a role model about running a successful practice. I trust them with my physical body, my energy body and know that my spirit is renewed each time I walk out their door.

– Rhiannon

So Grateful

I am so grateful to accept the opportunity to ride the wave of healing at Network Chiropractic Wellness Center… With Dr. Bjorn I’m experiencing ongoing and stabilizing shifts in my structure as well as stepping into new, more harmonious and productive patterns in my relationships – including with myself.

– Linda

Appreciate Integration of Analysis

Being a scientist and a Reiki practitioner, I appreciate Network’s integration of precise and insightful analysis with subtle and fluid energetic facilitation. While healing the spine and its central role in the body, this practice naturally leads me into a more free and authentic state of being… wellbeing. Dr. Bjorn of NCWC is a master. I am consistently uplifted by his presence and his work, and I have learned much from his perspective and healing facilitation.

– John

Amazing, Creative Gifts

Whether you suffer from physical pain, emotional trauma, spiritual confusion, or energetic exhaustion this office, this doctor, this receptionist is for you. They have brought amazing, creative gifts to the surface (totally unexpected), as well as given me the courage, resilience and dialogue to face my deepest fears and overcome them with deep feelings of trust and safety… My ex-partner and I share a beautiful three year old son. I can proudly say that all three of us see Dr. B weekly.

– Cody

Amazing Healing Work

Upper Cervical Chiropractic blended with Network Chiropractic = the most amazing healing work I’ve experienced. I feel so lucky to have found this approach… I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have a reliable way to heal my body… It’s true what’s on their A-board: They listen, they care, they get results!

– Chani

My Second Home

I never knew the body could heal itself so easily and Dr. Bjorn gives you the tools and practices to carry healing throughout your everyday life. Overall, every time I walk into Network Chiropractic it feels like my second home. It’s a safe place of ultimate emotional and physical healing.

– Kailey

Gentle, Real Way to Heal

If you are looking for a gentle, real way to unlearn damaging habits, reintegrate parts of your body you thought were injured beyond repair, and receive holistic support for overall health–this is your place! One of my favorite things about Dr. Bjorn is that he is a runner, so he understand athletes. I am a lifelong dancer, athlete, power yoga instructor, and weight lifter. Never once has he told me any of these things “caused” my injuries. His focus is on what we can do now to let our bodies heal naturally.

– Julia

Gentle & Powerful

Dr. Bjorn’s work is gentle and powerful! He has been helping me to release mental/emotional holding patterns and tension that I have stored for years. Consequently, I am breathing more freely and am feeling happier and healthier in general. Also, as the armoring around my heart i melting away, I am feeling more open and available in my relationships and more inspired and effective in my work. I am immensely grateful for this dynamic practitioner and modality!


Great Relief

Dr. Bjorn has enabled me to become familiar and friends with my nervous system so now we can cooperate together. This relationship came late in life for me so it need nurturing and gentle acceptance of my problems, which are now being solved to my great relief. Fear of being crippled is being replaced with optimism.

– Ken

Highly Recommend

I have been seeing Dr. Bjorn for a few years now. The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t live in Santa Cruz, so I don’t get to go nearly as much as I would like to. But that being said, as soon as I lay down on his table, I know I am in good hands. I have been to other chiropractors in the past but no one has ever cared about me as much as Dr. Bjorn. I can’t recommend Dr. Bjorn enough!!!

– Jeff

Strongly Recommend

If you have a spine I strongly recommend being under care at the Network Chiropractic Wellness Center. Dr. Bostrom and Dr. Powell each offer an incredibly unique and powerful expression of an amazing modality. I have experienced an enormous amount of support and nourishment from my time spent here. As a soon to be student of Network Chiropractic I can truly say that I humbly aspire to offer the level of care present in this office. Not to mention you will be greeted by one of the most radiant people in the bright city of Santa Cruz! Sarah does such an amazing job at welcoming practice members and offering support when needed. All in all… Schedule that appointment, you won’t regret it! :-)”

– Alec

Incredible Results

I have experienced Dr. Bostrom’s care for about 2 years and the results have been incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever met a doctor who cares and listens more than Dr. Bostrom. My history of injuries present a challenging case, but I responded immediately to the care and I could not be more grateful. Beyond the pain relief I have experienced better sleep, increased energy, and more balance in my system on a global level. The changes in my system continue to expand and evolve. I am grateful to Dr. Bostrom for his care and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.

– Noah


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