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Senior Chiropractic in Santa Cruz

older man doing a thumbs upJust because you have more candles on your birthday cake doesn’t mean you have to have less vitality or life enjoyment. At Network Chiropractic Wellness Center, we are passionate about helping seniors enjoy optimal health, function, range of motion and more well into their golden years.

“I find that many seniors struggle with getting older and being comfortable doing what they love. These older patients have wonderful goals for their health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle. These goals are often swept under the rug or aren’t honored by the medical establishment,” said Dr. Bjorn.

Many senior patients also have poor posture where their head goes too far forward, or there’s a rounding of the upper back, or they have pelvic imbalances. All these things can make seniors feel wobbly or less capable, like getting in or out of their car or on and off the toilet.

The good news is that with chiropractic care, our senior patients have an improved quality of life and feel more confident. From getting back to the gym to traveling, they feel more balanced doing so.

What Are Some Benefits?

Gentle chiropractic can help with the following that seniors (any people of all ages) often deal with:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Balance issues
  • Circulation problems
  • Headaches
  • Mobility challenges
  • Neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Sciatica

Gentle Techniques

Many seniors are nervous about chiropractic care, because maybe a past adjustment was too rough. We specialize in gentle techniques, such as Network Chiropractic Care, and use an Activator instrument.

We provide gentle extremity adjusting and use other tools that help with joint mobilization and improve nerve and blood flow. Rest assured that Dr. Bjorn never uses forceful adjusting, especially if a patient has osteoporosis or is more fragile.

At our practice, we do a good job discovering those things in a history and exam before we start adjusting anything. “I ensure there’s a wonderful intention around why we’re doing what we’re doing,” said Dr. Bjorn.

Addressing Stress and Fostering Stability

A common overlooked phenomenon in all humans, especially with how stressful life is, is the emotional, mental, and spiritual component of receiving care from a healthcare practitioner. “A lot of seniors that I talk to often have more pain when life is stressful, or they’re feeling scared, alone or unsupported. Honoring the holistic side of our emotional body and physical body, and how what we think and feel affect our pain, is an important aspect,” said Dr. Bjorn.

With seniors, there are more challenges with feeling more stable emotionally and mentally. “It’s important that seniors have support systems for their holistic health, not just the physical,” added Dr. Bjorn.

Several Ranges of Senior Capability

As no two seniors are alike, some between 65 and 85 have different capabilities and goals. For example, some patients want to improve head turning to check blind spots when driving.

Other seniors with greater aspirations want to do a half marathon, or hike on vacation, and want to go over rocky terrain and feel like they can balance without falling. That’s where alignment, nerve flow and nerve communication are so important.

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Whatever your goals, Dr. Bjorn wants to help you enjoy your golden years with great health and vitality! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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