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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care in Santa Cruz

Do you want to optimize your health? Get your life back? We’ve got great news: your body is designed to heal naturally. Your symptoms can go away when the interference in your nervous system is removed, which is what prevents your body from being in a state of health. The absence of symptoms, however, is not an indication of good health.

Safe, Gentle Care for the Whole Family

At Network Chiropractic Wellness Center, we are concerned with the function of your brain-body connection. We’re passionate about helping your body start to heal faster and more efficiently, quickly. If you’ve been living with chronic pain, experiencing a condition like headaches, brain fog or insomnia or have noticed that you’re out of balance, upper cervical chiropractic may be ideal for you.

Common Complaints

The most common complaints we see include

  • Migraine headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Pinched nerve
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Disc herniations
  • Blood pressure
  • TMJ
  • Posture imbalances

We’ve also had great success with vision difficulties, high blood pressure, anxiety, scoliosis, brain fog and trauma from accidents and injuries.

With specialized training in the gentlest form of upper cervical chiropractic called NUCCA, our approach to adjusting the upper neck is effective and safe. There is no popping or twisting of the neck involved.

The upper cervical region in the spine is the top two bones of your neck, the atlas and axis. They protect your brainstem and allow the head to move freely. Though powerful, it’s a fragile area of the spine that doesn’t contain discs like the rest of your spine does. Your upper cervical spine must be aligned for optimum central nervous communication, brainstem function and spinal stability. Your brainstem is of vital importance, regulating functions such as breathing, sleep, blood pressure, attention span, heart rate, movement, posture and balance. When your brain sends messages, they go through the upper neck. Pressure on the brainstem from a misalignment can hinder your function.

Chronic stress, injuries and accidents can weaken any area of the spine. Often, the first trauma a human has is the birthing process. Throughout life, physical, emotional and chemical forms of stress create imbalances and weakness, which means the spine can break down or get locked into the improper position. The result is poor posture, disc degeneration and altered muscle tone.

You will notice these problems in various ways, such as that your head is tilted or one shoulder is higher than the other. You might have nagging issues on one side of your body. If a misalignment is in the atlas bone, tension is placed on the entire spine. Your head weighs about 12-15 pounds. Is your head on straight?

To begin, we’ll perform a thorough examination that includes

  • Consultation, history and stress inventory
  • Static and dynamic surface electromyography
  • Weight balance
  • Neural-thermography scan

  • 3D postural assessment
  • Spinal range of motion testing
  • Any other necessary neurological tests required

We love the power of before-and-afters, so we’ll measure curvature, spinal angles and your balance before receiving care. You’ll be reassessed frequently to observe and measure the changes your body is making. If we determine upper cervical care is right for you, you’ll receive a customized care plan to get the best results.

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Schedule your initial appointment today! We’re excited you’re already taking the next step towards natural health. A happy, healthy spine makes for a happy, healthy lifestyle. Learn more about upper cervical chiropractic Santa Cruz!


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