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Uncover the Effects of Hidden Stress

woman sitting near windowAt Network Chiropractic Wellness Center, we look at people from a holistic standpoint to acknowledge that their pain comes from many different places- physical, structural and emotional. Sometimes pain won’t go away until emotional pain is acknowledged.
The Value of Doing a Self-Check

It’s a good idea to check in with yourself, asking how you’re doing emotionally to reap the benefits of the hard work you’re doing to feel your best. These health-boosting actions include exercise, eating nutritionally dense foods and getting chiropractic care.

Sometimes it’s the hidden emotional challenges that are causing you to feel physical pain. For example, your hidden stress may the rooted in an old trauma or grudge or the feelings of self-doubt or being overwhelmed. If those types of feelings aren’t released from our bodies, they can cause more pain in places like our neck or our back, because we’re not in a place for ease and relief.

Untangling That Big Ball of Stress

So many people are living with a flight or fight charge in their nervous system, and they’re not aware of it because it’s a hidden stress, an imprint from our experience within the nervous system. Therefore, our body’s physiology just lives on this invisible plane within our body.

When we start releasing the experience of a violation or trauma or being told we’re not good enough, we can start to unravel that giant ball of yarn that’s tangled. Sometimes we don’t even know where to start. Perhaps the best place to begin is just to acknowledge that emotional pain is difficult to figure out. Just acknowledging that hidden stress might be there and affecting us can be a powerful first step.

Pain Isn’t Just Physical

Let’s say a practice member comes in with low back pain and sciatica and they’re convinced that it’s because of their workout or hoisting a cooler full of food out of their work truck. But when we start digging deeper, we find out that the majority of stressors live in our lower back; these stressors relate to job, identity or relationship stress.

In healing, the pain never goes away until it’s taught you everything you need to know. Since the pelvis and low back are about authenticity and self-expression, a lot of time pain, and structures coordinate and the spine moves in harmony. That’s why a lot of times, pain takes time to go away because it might also be stress-related.

Be True to Yourself

Sometimes it’s a deeper longing for wanting something you can’t even quite put your finger on. There may be times when it’s our souls calling us to truly show up and be who we are. Sometimes the hidden stress is a gift to discover because if it’s not discovered, it continues to be passive. We can’t fix what we can’t acknowledge. So taking the time to acknowledge the stresses or pains that we’re going through.

There’s beauty in starting to look at places on our body with honor and respect. When that happens, we become more compassionate toward others because we’re showing ourselves more compassion. We’re also being vulnerable with ourselves, especially with places that don’t want to be noticed.

How Chiropractic May Help

A lot of times, people will come in because they have neck pain or back pain or a spinal injury that hasn’t been healed by other modalities. One therapy might be exactly a beautiful stepping stone to why you’re here in my office. If everything else had worked, then you wouldn’t be sitting here.

Providing Stretches

We start on a highly physical plan with clients. That might mean that there are stretches, movement, and posturing that could alleviate a particular area of pain. What’s really needed is why the pain is there in the first place.

What is the gift in it is what very few practitioners ask, is that if you don’t see the gift you’ve received, because there hasn’t been a neural somatic route to create a message, learning, or message from that pain/experience. Some of it comes through experiencing the feeling of it. We have to feel to heal.

Once we start to experience a gentle adjustment and the nerves start to communicate better, the interference of that pathway is removed. Our body starts to reorganize around that adjustment.

If you’re seeking stress reduction in your life, contact Network Chiropractic Wellness Center today. We want to help you heal.

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