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The Importance of Chiropractic Care for Men

man sitting on couch stressedIn our success-driven society, many men feel that if they pause to slow down, their careers and other responsibilities could be jeopardized. We encourage men to take time to feel what’s happening under the surface. That requires some vulnerability or gentleness versus trying to push through it or even force it.

“I find that men often try to force up a particular issue or fix things immediately when the problem or issue in our body doesn’t need to be corrected right away; it needs our presence and our attention to it first,” said Dr. Bjorn.

Connecting Before Correcting

If you make a connection first before a correction, you’ll get much better results. We do that specifically by working with men in their awareness, breathing and overall attention to their body. The way you take that out into your life, in relationships and athletic pursuits can help you be more responsible for how you’re feeling so you can make a shift on your own more rapidly.

A lot of men are stuck. Dr. Bjorn has felt that there has been nobody that could help him, or who has truly seen him as a soul or as a person. “Men have really beautiful hearts and have an incredible ability to go deeper-just acknowledging what’s going on in life can be profound in a shift,” he said.

Men must have the opportunity to not just fix a problem, but to connect with what’s really underneath around the bigger “why” of why that pain, tension or disconnect is happening in their bodies. The pain may stem from a childhood incident. It could be an old trauma or stress pattern, basically as profound or simple as acknowledging past emotional pain.

For men who are in a job or relationship that they don’t want to be in they are more likely to experience back pain. This is because our bodies are so good at telling us when something is wrong and we have been taught to ignore it. Worse, we’re taught that feeling emotions or pain is somehow counter to our masculinity. Somehow we’re supposed to be stronger by suffering with pain instead of being brave enough to confront it.

The Far-Reaching Effects of Pain

We see a lot of men with low back pain. Someone who has low back pain, previous disc injuries from playing sports or lifting things in a job may constantly feel that low energy. Men often become depressed because they can’t work out or do what they want to do. That starts affecting their relationships and their career because they’re not feeling that confidence and vigor.

It can be a vicious cycle: the low energy means that men might not feel like getting out for much-needed exercise, which means that they might remain depressed, which then continues to impact their work and personal relationships. We can help you break that cycle.

Helping You Discover Your Authentic Self

Network chiropractic is about getting more authentic and congruent with who you are and who you’re meant to be. We want to help you connect with the bright future that’s ahead of you. When we focus on the past we lose sight of the future but sometimes we have to look back to look forward.

One of the big things that hold men back from taking care of themselves is fear. That can be a fear of feeling too much, of not being seen or heard or feeling something uncomfortable. With network chiropractic care, we take the time to understand what you’re looking for.

If you want to improve performance in one area of your life, great, but make it more than that. Think bigger than a shoulder issue, a knee issue or a headache. If you think about what you want to replace those things with you’re going to get more. The more expansiveness you’re able to connect to inside and outside your body -the energetic field of life-the more you’re going to receive.

Taking Time to Slow down

“A big problem I’m seeing with men is they’re not taking time to receive because they’re so focused on providing for their family and work responsibilities and not wanting to let people down,” said Dr. Bjorn. This mindset, however, is not productive for healing or growth. We end up being a slave to the story inside us that says “keep going; get more and be more.”

Perhaps the solution is to slow down and take in the accomplishments. You may say, “I’ve struggled, I’ve worked hard. I’ve made some big choices. I’ve had some big transitions. Let’s pause and honor this before moving toward trying to get more.” There’s something profoundly powerful about gratitude; when we pause to appreciate the accomplishments we’ve had we end up receiving more.

“I want to honor what’s happening in a man’s heart and what’s going on in their life. The way I do that is through a technique called networkspinal care and SRI-a breathing strategy with affirmations to help us focus on the rhythm we’re currently in unconsciously,” said Dr. Bjorn.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you haven’t been able to find a practitioner who can truly look at not only your ailment or chronic issue, but what’s happening in your life holistically. “We can talk about where you want to go and find a path that will work for you,” said Dr. Bjorn.

We are currently offering a free consultation with Dr. Bjorn over the phone. Or you can make an appointment to come into the practice. Be sure to ask about the new patient specials we’re offering.

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