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Letting Go of Expectations

Blissful woman in fieldThe end of 2020 was rough on a lot of people, and we’ve seen many of our patients run out of hope and feel like their efforts have been for nothing. What makes things even more difficult is that the things we look forward to have often been postponed, with no rescheduled date in sight.

One of Dr. Bjorn‘s favorite mentors, Joe Humphries, says the secret of life is to have something to look forward to–and how many times were we let down by that this past year?

The result of being let down and holding onto that pain for too long can manifest itself as physical pain in the body.

So, what can you do about it? Let go. Be kind and forgiving to yourself and your expectations. When we are disappointed or let down, it’s important to acknowledge those feelings instead of moving past them too quickly. Feeling the disappointment can be necessary for moving forward.

When we lean into those feelings and let them be what they are instead of fighting them or intellectualizing them, the body can finally rest.

Chiropractic is the same way. When we take a look at nervous system interferences and over-compensating muscles, the body can do the rest and heal.

The Benefits of Letting Go

Letting go of expectations can be your chance to look at beliefs that are holding back several parts of your life. When we realize that perhaps some things are not possible right now, it makes room for something unique and unexpected-and maybe even great.

The ability to let go can be related to your energy, both emotional and physical. Network Chiropractic Wellness Center is happy to welcome patients who feel ‘stuck’ from emotional or physical blockages that they can’t seem to move past.

Even outside of appointments with us, you can work to unravel those energetic obstacles by moving your body and exercising your mind. You’ll find that both energies have a way of supporting each other. One can let go of unhelpful thoughts while on a hike, or writing out your thoughts can suddenly lighten the stress in your shoulders.

While we still have quite a lot of ‘expectation shifting’ ahead of us in the coming months, having someone on your team who wants you win and will guide you on your health goals is a must. Our office follows all of the recommended safety protocols during COVID. We all need a little bit of connection, and we are a big believer that a single connection has the potential to create many others.

Call today to see where your next appointment takes you!

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