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Empowering Women to Live Their Best Life

Empowering womenToday more than ever, women are using their voices. They’re stepping up in leadership positions-locally, nationally and globally. They’re being heard, loud and clear. As he’s worked with many women and mothers over the years, Dr. Bjorn has found, however, that sometimes women feel fatigued or strained due to all that’s on their plate.

“They may feel that nobody is noticing all of the effort, love, compassion and empathy that they’re putting out into the world. We here at Network Chiropractic Wellness Center appreciate taking care of women so much,” he said.

Caring for Multiple Generations

We find it particularly fulfilling when three generations of women come in together for care. They feel empowered knowing that they possess an incredible capacity to achieve anything they want. The family that collectively prioritizes their well being is the family that can do anything and everything.

Finding True Fulfillment

Due to the current pandemic, Dr. Bjorn is finding that more women are exploring what true fulfillment feels like for them. That fulfillment may have come in the form of a substantial paycheck. Now, however, they are looking for something more meaningful. This could be how they can share their gifts in a way that will positively impact the world.

For retired women who have already had careers and children, and now possibly grandchildren, sometimes they feel that sense of longing for a bigger purpose or more connection in their lives. We believe that often the answer is in their lap. That is getting more connected to body and spirit, and to who they are and the accomplishments they’ve enjoyed. It’s our hope that women build on being the best current version of themselves possible.

“One of the great things about growth and evolution of being human is integrating and reorganizing the behaviors, perceptions and beliefs and the tension you have in your body. Then you can create the most energy-efficient body possible to feel meaning in your life and experience true fulfillment,” said Dr. Bjorn.

Having the privilege of working with many women over 70, Dr. Bjorn loves hearing stories about the moments when they feel the most peace in their hearts. He likes to hear when they’re most connected to their lives and their bodies. Often, it’s about feeling connected to themselves first, so that they can feel the love around them from their family, friends or grandkids.

Connecting to Self and Others

When we have more connections we’re more likely to reach out to others to have a good conversation or to listen to someone. When we’re suffering and in survival mode or have a fearful mindset, it’s difficult to listen to someone else, because we’re only paying attention to our inner dialog.

Connecting to our voice and inner truths can start from a very subtle, connected and peaceful place. It can then roar like a lion or be fierce like a rising phoenix when it needs to, especially when we feel empowered to take action and make changes in our communities and world.

The real change starts at home with our own growth and healing. It also can be a choice to step into a safe place with someone who cares-a community that cares so we can start to grow.

It’s also about awakening to more of our essence and our alignment of our thoughts, actions, behaviors and beliefs. Become a blessing to others just by being present with them and ourselves.

Addressing Stress

It’s not surprising that, given the coronavirus crisis, many women are experiencing enormous amounts of stress in their nervous system. Stress doesn’t go away, but it goes into our bodies. That’s why it’s vital to have effective strategies in place for releasing emotion. If we don’t, we will get more tension, pain and chronic problems that end up becoming what feels like a project to fix.

Let Us Help You Be Your Best Self

An exam is the most efficient way for us to see if we can help you, by learning about your nervous system at a foundational level. We use network chiropractic to determine what needs to be upgraded and what needs to move or shift to think new thoughts and have new behaviors and postures. We also want women to have a new sense of well-being in their bodies.

So if you have pain, fatigue or are going through a transition in your life we want to help you become a part of something bigger than yourself-with the utmost grace and confidence. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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